The Problems of Museology

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«The Problems of Museology» is first Russian academic-theoretical journal devoted to the issues of history and theory of museology. In the articles written on the basis of a multidisciplinary approach, authors analyzed main problems of contemporary science on museums and museality. Particular attention is paid to the study of theoretical basement of museology, history of museology and museum field, investigation of new archival sources and recent state of foreign museology. Among its authors are leading experts from Europe, North America and Latin America. The Council board includes representatives from governing bodies of national and international museum organizations (ICOM International committee for museology, ICOM International committee for the Training of Personnel, Union of Russian museums etc) and prominent museologists from European universities. 
The chief editor is Professor, Doctor of science in history Alexander V. Maiorov, the head of department of Museology.
ISSN  2219-6269

УДК 069; 061.4; 903; 930.85 ББК 79.0; 79